We are pleased to announce that we will be extending our Tier 1 pricing deadline to Sunday, May 18th this year.  We appreciate your continued support and as our loyal guests we hope you are able to benefit from this great offer.   
Thank you again for your support and we are looking forward to seeing you next winter!
The early registration is open until midnight 30 April.  I do not have an official number but last season the first price increase (31 May) was about 15% so I would expect the same amount.
I do not have the final approval on the weekend program so it is not posted on the website.  If/when that happens you will be able to upgrade.
Please do not wait until the last second to purchase.  If you have issues purchasing online let me know ASAP so I can deal with the problem.
Congratulations on a successful season!
I know that everyone wanted to do better (that is why you work so hard).  I have seen a (and think you have also) big improvement in you skiing.  Next season we will continue to improve our skiing and start to translate that into faster times on the race course.
While the Race season is finished we still have a couple of weeks of skiing.  I hope to see you all out there on the slopes.
Thanks for a great season!
If you have any questions (golf or ski) feel free to call or e-mail me over the summer.
Here is the schedule for the final week of training:

Monday 31 March GS

Tuesday 1 April GS

Wednesday 2 April SL

Thursday 3 April SL

Meet 0900 bottom of Vista.  You should get to the hill early and warm up on your own


Here is the Masters Training Schedule for the week.
Monday 17 March GS  (Meet bottom Vista)
Tuesday 18 March GS (Meet bottom Vista)
Wednesday 19 March GS (Meet bottom Vista)
Thursday 20 March GS (Meet bottom Vista)
Friday 21 March GS (Meet bottom Vista)
Saturday 22 March Race GS Homewood
Sunday 23 March Race GS Homewood
Here is the Updated Masters Training Schedule for the next two weeks.
This Sunday Daylight savings Spring Forward
Monday 10 March GS (Check whiteboard & tumblr for meeting location)
Tuesday 11 March GS (Check whiteboard & tumblr for meeting location)
Wednesday 12 March SL (Meet bottom Vista)
Thursday 13 March SL (Meet bottom Vista)
Friday 14 March SL (Meet bottom Vista)
Monday 17 March GS
Tuesday 18 March GS
Wednesday 19 March GS
Thursday 20 March GS
Friday 21 March GS
Saturday 22 March Race GS Homewood
Sunday 23 March Race GS Homewood